Improving medical care for injured workers & saving members money.

CIS provides Workers’ Compensation coverage with a focus on “People First”. Proactive case management includes controlling risks to prevent claims, early medical treatment, and safe, early return to productive work.

CIS Workers’ Compensation provides:
  • Risk management strategies & best practices
  • Return to work assistance
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Job safety analysis
  • Safety committee training
  • Supervisory skill training
  • Health & wellness support
  • Claims processing by public sector professionals
  • A 24/7 workplace injury hotline
CIS provides a 24/7 telephone nurse triage service for CIS members who have Workers’ Compensation coverage.
At the time of the workplace incident, CIS-member employees call and immediately speak with a registered nurse. This nurse specializes in occupational injuries and instantly evaluates the nature of the incident or injury to determine the type of care needed.
By addressing the case when it first occurs — and providing quick and accurate care intervention — we can prevent a minor injury from becoming an expensive claim.
The in-house, 24/7 nurse triage can offer immediate first-aid advice, referral to telehealth or appointments with a medical doctor. For members, an immediate intervention and nurse triage promotes an environment focused on advocacy, while reducing costly lag times of First Notice of Loss (FNOL) reporting.