CIS is always looking to provide additional support and services to members. Recently, the CIS Board approved new plans for employers and their employees.   When employers complete the Request for Coverage (RFC), you'll choose whether to offer these and other new voluntary benefits.  Employers can choose to offer one, two or all three of the plan options.
New Coverage Options
  • InfoArmor Identity Theft
  • Trauma Coverage
  • MetLife Voluntary Benefits
    • Critical Illness
    • Hospital Indemnity
    • Accident
Critical illness, hospital indemnity and accident coverage are one plan option where employees can then individually select one or all three plans.

InfoArmor Identity Theft

We’re offering this coverage to all employees currently covered by a CIS medical plan (or opted out) with family coverage for free through the end of the year.
Members will have an option to keep the coverage starting Jan. 1, 2021.
The benefit of group coverage over most individual plans offered by credit card companies and banks is that it includes restoration services — such as an assigned advocate and resolution guarantees. It also provides expanded credit monitoring from multiple sources and $1 million expense- reimbursement insurance — all at very competitive rates.
CIS will be providing InfoArmor with a census file of all eligible employees who will be automatically enrolled in the base program.  Employees will then be given instructions on how to complete the detailed enrollment to receive additional free services by logging on to CIS-Connect and clicking the link to InfoArmor’s site. 
Note: Employees must log in to CIS-Connect by Sept. 30 to get their unique code and the link to the site to receive the full range of benefits.

New Trauma Coverage

CIS’ Trauma Coverage comes through the prestigious firm Lloyds of London. It was originally designed for first responders but now it can be offered to all employees.  While the other plans are employee paid, this plan can be employer or employee paid. It includes salary replacement, $0 copay/deductible for trauma recovery care, counseling, and benefits for contraction of an infectious disease (as defined by the CDC) while on business for/or on the premises of their employer.

Critical Illness/Hospital Indemnity/Accident Coverage

We’ve negotiated with MetLife Critical to provide Illness/Accident/Hospital: Critical Illness coverage. Examples of this coverage include cancer, heart attack, and stroke as well as accidents that require visits to the emergency room or urgent care — and getting x-rays. 
It also includes Hospitalization Plans. For example, it would include initial admission, daily hospital confinement, daily ICU confinement, etc. These are the plans that many employees have through AFLAC. These new coverages offer benefits to our members such as lower rates (potentially), multi-year rate guarantees and more.
Since many employers offer critical illness, hospital indemnity, and accident plan coverage through AFLAC and other vendors, please watch the below video as it outlines some of the differences between group and individual coverage. 
You can also review the plan summaries and plan rates to help you compare the new benefits with what you offer.  Because we wanted to provide the summaries to you as early as possible, MetLife rushed to put them together and they may be incomplete. We are waiting for the Critical Illness summary for Washington.
Critical Illness Plan (All States Excluding WA)
  • Guaranteed issue coverage
  • No pre-existing condition limitation
  • Wellness benefit - $50
  • Portable
  • Some standard covered conditions:
    • Heart attack
    • Stroke
    • End-stage renal failure
    • Major organ transplants
    • Invasive cancer/Noninvasive cancer
    • Coronary artery disease/bypass
Hospital Indemnity Plan Summary (All States Excluding WA) (WA)
  • Guaranteed issue coverage
  • 24-hour coverage (on and off the job)
  • Hospital admission and confinement benefit
  • Maternity coverage
  • Wellness benefit - $50
  • Portable
  • Some hospital payments are:
    • Initial hospital admission, $1,000/year
    • Daily hospital confinement, $100; 15 days/year
    • Daily ICU confinement, $200; 15 days/year
    • Rehab facility, $200
    • Maternity
  • Guaranteed issue coverage
  • 24-hour coverage (on and off the job)
  • No pre-existing condition limitation
  • Fracture and dislocation benefits
  • Emergency room benefit
  • Wellness benefit -$50
  • Portable
  • Some covered conditions are:
    • Ground ambulance, $200
    • Emergency room, $200
    • Follow-up treatment, $200; 2x/accident
    • Urgent care, $150
    • X-ray, $300
    • Lacerations, up to $600