CIS selects partners that will provide the best coverage at the best rates

The medical/dental plan summaries provided below are applicable to all member entities within CIS, as well as any new entities considering CIS plans.

The pooled medical/dental premium rates are for entities with less than 100 employees only. The pooled life/disability rates are for entities with less than 25 employees. In addition, rates are broken out between the Employee Benefits Services Trust (for cities and qualifying entities) and the Association of Oregon Counties Insurance Trust (for counties and qualifying entities).

If you're interested in CIS Benefits, first review the Benefits Rules to determine if your entity can comply. For medical/dental rates for employers with more than 100 employees, life/disability rates for employers with more than 25 employees, or for additional questions, please email Carolyn E. Van Dyke, CIS Benefits Director at


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  • Kaiser Copay (HMO) plan termed December 31, 2017

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