Risk Management

Members count on CIS for risk management best practices that really work.

CIS brings its members together to meet the unique risk management and financing needs of local public entities, offering experience, knowledge, financial value and personalized service.

CIS Risk Management Consultants work as your partner to help reduce exposure to costly claims. Reducing risk is good business for you, and keep your employees healthy and safe.

Risk management services include:

  • Risk Management Consultants: CIS Risk Management Consultants work in partnership with members to reduce claims by implementing proven techniques and best practices. Our expert team of consultants is seen as trusted providers, often seeing risk in a city or county before there is an issue.
  • Public Safety Program: providing specialized risk management expertise to fire departments and law enforcement.
  • Emergency Planning/Recovery: offering tools and services to prepare for and recover from a disaster. 
  • Employment Risk Management Services: providing members with free human resource consulting and legal advice to avoid claims arising from employment issues.
  • CIS Learning Center: offering free online training in risk management and safety programs, as well as a complete risk management library and sample policy documents such as personnel handbook, fleet policy, safety policy, and contract guidelines. 

Local Agents

Employment Risk Management

Public Safety Program

Risk Management Consulting

Risk Management Library