Workers' Compensation

Responsive to the unique needs of cities and counties

CIS' Workers' Compensation program is focused on "people first" by preventing claims through free risk management services and helping injured workers return to work quickly.

All workers' compensation programs are the same, right?  While workers' comp is highly regulated, in the CIS Workers' Compensation program, people make the difference.  People like our experienced, caring claims examiners; our dedicated return-to-work specialist, and our risk management consultants to help you prevent future injuries.  
Because we serve only cities and counties, CIS knows your workforce and your issues.  
  • Low examiner case loads allow more intereaction and coordination with other CIS coverage and services.
  • Coordination between the employer, injured worker, and treating physician gets workers back on the job as soon as possible
  • We have particular expertise in public safety claims, including traumatic events.

Responsive, Innovative, Sound



Questions? If you are interested in receiving a quote for CIS Workers' Compensation coverage, contact your Agent of Record or CIS Underwriting.