CIS Workplace Injury Nurse Hotline


24/7 Rapid Care Hotline


For medical emergencies call 911.

Immediately following a workplace injury, call to speak with a registered nurse who specializes in occupational injuries. The nurse will connect you with the quality care that you need.
Here’s how it works. When you call our hotline, you’ll speak with our Workers’ Compensation nurse! You’ll receive immediate care instructions. The nurse can also assist in making a doctor’s appointment if you’d like.
The nurse will also collect the state-required 801 information, so you don’t have to complete the form later.
After the call, you’ll get an email from the nurse. Your employer will also be notified. Your email will include a copy of your 801, your claim number, your adjustor’s contact information, and your first prescription fill.
Here’s an introductory video to explain our Rapid Care service.